iTouch "Touch-on-Tube" Surface Wave Technology

Using surface wave technology as its foundation, Elo has created a breakthrough in touch technology—iTouch. In iTouch touch-on-tube technology, surface waves (also known as surface acoustic waves) are directed onto the cathode ray tube (CRT) surface itself for unhindered touch sensing—eliminating any glass overlay on the CRT and delivering the highest quality image possible.

iTouch also provides unmatched durability—a critical feature for the public access environment—because the CRT faceplate is several times stronger than a touchscreen overlay, even a bonded one. iTouch technology leaves the original brightness and clarity intact while providing the same, no-drift, stable performance and proven reliability of surface wave technology.


Touch directly on tube—no touchscreen overlay
Preserves 100 percent of CRT brightness, clarity, antireflection and color properties
More durable and safer than even bonded touchscreen overlays
Same fast, accurate and stable performance as surface wave
iTouch "touch-on-tube" surface wave technology heralds a breakthrough in interactive displays that provide unmatched clarity, reliability and durability — even in exposed public access environments


Point-of-information (POI) kiosks
Point-of-purchase (POP) promotion
Electronic catalogs
In-store e-commerce
Gaming, lottery and amusement
Multimedia marketing
Banking/financial transactions
Industrial control rooms
Computer-based training
Ticket sales

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